Passage 179
The pepper Capsicum chinense grows as a native wild plant only in South America. Birds
swallow the pepper’s fruit whole, thereby providing the plant with its means of distributing
seeds. Domesticated varieties of C.chinense grow in the Caribbean islands as well as in South
America. Although it is unknown just when C.chinense was introduced into the islands, the
introduction of the species was probably the result of human activity, because _____.
Which of the following most logically completes the argument?
A. the fruits of the domesticated varieties are too large for birds to swallow
B. C.chinense grows in the Caribbean islands under climatic conditions very similar to those
under which the wild variety grows
C. the peppers are an important part of the Caribbean islands’ characteristic cooking
D. most of the plant species in the Caribbean islands originated is South America
E. many of the species of birds that are found in the Caribbean islands spend only the winter


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