I went to supermarket and bought cheery yesterday. It looks very beautiful and the color is deep red. When I tasted it , it was not fresh and not good. I don’t think the food we eat today is much healthier than before, because the huge population makes people producing more food and the chemistry additive and hormone.

Firstly, along with more and more people, food requirements more than before. A lot of businessmen want to make money they use anyway to produced foods even though it unhealthy. For instance, out of season food. People want to drink orange juice so they use warm house to planted orange. We could eat the foods from every season.

Secondly, people want to make the food looks beautiful so the put a lot of chemistry additive in food and hormone in mets. We eat in a restaurant, we will find they could fast and beautiful. Beautiful they put something inside. I heard a news from my country some children drink their head become bigger and they not smart because they drink the milk inside have chloroform. In addition, they put hormone in met make the met looks like strony such as chicken. In fact it makes people unhealthy and fat.

Although some people toady’s foods taste better and looks healthier, because they could eat different kinds of foods and very convenient. In my view, before’s foods it was more healthier than today.

To sum up, I agree before's food was healthier than before because they don't make a lot of food and they don’t put chemistry things inside. We should eat carefully.                     

提问者: Sallytam 2016-09-20 00:26
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